Full range of PC Accessories/ Storage are promoted in France, Australia and Hungary with "Channel +" band name in 2007.


  • 2006-03:New Smart HDD enclosure design announced. More elegant, more convenient for assembly.
  • 2006-04:3 in 1 New Smart HDD enclosure launched. Support SATA HDD to E-SATA/USB2.0 and IDE HDD to USB2.0
  • 2006-05:New Cooling Series of Storage for more choices.
  • 2006-06:RoHS request for EU market will be provided for all Storage products.
  • 2007-03:Q series: Anti-vibration rim protection and IPOD concept design. 2.5" SATA to E-SATA soultion ready.
  • 2007-04:Q series: 3.5" IDE to USB2.0 Ready/ SATA to E-SATA and USB interface available.
  • 2007-06:FORCOM will announce Memory Card player for advertising and consumer market.


  • 2006-08:Multimedia 3.5" HDD enclosure + TV Out
  • 2006-08:3 in 1 (SATA/IDE HDD to USB2.0 and E-SATA) Full Cooling Series HDD enclosure ready
  • 2006-07:3G QUAD Card available provides faster, more convenient communication media.


  • 2006-01:Cooperate with SKYCOMM to develop PCMCIA GSM/ GPRS Modem to focus the moblie market.
  • 2006-04:PCMCIA DEGE Class 12 modem announced.

PC/NB Accessories

  • 2006-05:RoHS for EU Market is ready.
  • 2006-05:New elegant HUBs give customers more choices.
  • 2006-06:PCI SATA Internal + E-SATA external Card will be announced.
  • 2006-06:PCMCIA E-SATA Card Bus for more demand in SATA HDD in the market.
  • 2007-Q1:PCI-E SATA I/II card are ready for customers.
  • 2007-Q1:Express Card (EDGE and GSM/GPRS) would be passed in March.
  • 2007-Q2:Express Card, including USB2.0/ 1394A+B and E-SATA would be announed.
  • 2005-12:New Smart 5.25" CD-ROM/HDD emclosure will be ready for our customers in Dec.
  • 2005-11:New Smart 3.5" HDD encolosure + OTB will released in the middle of Nov.
  • 2005-09:The full series of Luminous 3.5" SATA External HDD released officially.
  • 2005-08:Luminous and Smart 2.5" USB2.0 HDD enclosure + OTB (data backup function) released.
  • 2005-07:All series of Luminous 2.5"/3.5"/5.25" HDD/ CD-ROM Enclosure launched officially.